Your Most Important Assets Are Outside Your Portfolio


You might have been advised that the most crucial elements of wealth creation and preservation centres on your investment portfolio.  It doesn’t.

As I see each day in our practice at FUNDING matters the huge financial issues in our lives are the success of our marriages, the ability of our children to live productive and fruitful lives and our commitment and engagement to create wellness by healthy eating, exercising and living.

If any of these lifestyle elements aren’t working smoothly or worse, if they are in a destructive mode then there is generally a heap of money going out the door to fix these problems.

If you are glued to your portfolio without paying much attention to your world outside of your financial statements chances are you are setting yourself up for failure, regardless how your investments perform.

Discuss family matters with your children, update your wills, take care of your affairs.  Make a provision for charity to benefit society and in the end benefit by reducing your taxes through your philanthropy.  Leave a legacy for your family and society.

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