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We’re Way Past Quitters’ Day – Now What?

We are only a few weeks into the new year, yet 10 days ago was Quitters’ Day, the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions. We make resolutions because we want to improve. None … Continue reading

This holiday season, give the gift of charity

The holiday season is at its height, making it the best time of year to give back. If you’ve thought about donating to a charity or an organization that has special meaning to you, you can make a difference without … Continue reading

The Ikea-Inspired Guide to Fundraising

I really like Ikea because its success is a combination of affordable prices, cool designs, ease of purchasing and simplicity in assembly. But it seems that the design of each Ikea store is created to confuse you. Walking up and … Continue reading

Estate Planning As A Part of Strategic Philanthropic Giving

Estate planning can be your unique selling proposition to encourage philanthropy. When you look at individuals who are significant donors to charities, many of them have already written wills and established financial plans. This type of planning allows them to … Continue reading

FUNDING matters – 20 Years of Success

Last month was a great one for me. I noticed a number of individuals who liked or congratulated me on Linkedin and Facebook in celebration of FUNDING matters Inc.’s 20th anniversary and it reminded me of how far along I’ve come … Continue reading

Financial Wellness is the Cure for Philanthropy

We are all familiar with the phrase healthy, wealthy and wise. I wake up each day as do many of you thankful for our health and the opportunities ahead. We know that there are many factors which affect how we … Continue reading

The Most Important (and Earliest) Fundraising Lesson

My earliest fundraising lesson began in 7th grade when my teacher asked the class, “Do you want basketball hoops or not?”  The answer was easy but getting there was hard. My school did not have a gym. The closest thing … Continue reading