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Grow A Relationship – Agree About Money

Money is often cited by relationship experts as the number one reason for relationship failure, in particular marriage. Why is money such a strong factor in determining one’s success in marriage, longevity and health? Maybe it really isn’t money that is the major … Continue reading

What Does Wall Street Know About Charitable Giving that Main Street Charities Don’t?

Did you know that major fund companies such as Fidelity and Schwab are now getting into the charity game on behalf of their clients? They are educating their advisors on how to discuss setting up donor advised funds to ensure they continue … Continue reading

Donate to Eliminate

I was encouraged to see the Laura Saunders’ article Tax Smart Philanthropy Made Easy in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). This has been a key element of what we have been speaking to advisors, charities and individuals about in getting their … Continue reading

School of Hard Knocks

I have attended the school of hard knocks when it comes to planned giving.  When I look back  over a 20 year period on my experiences engaging donors about making a bequest, each and every instance has taught me valuable … Continue reading

Your Most Important Assets Are Outside Your Portfolio

You might have been advised that the most crucial elements of wealth creation and preservation centres on your investment portfolio.  It doesn’t. As I see each day in our practice at FUNDING matters the huge financial issues in our lives … Continue reading

Financial Success Element Number Two

Besides marriage as a critically important financial issue, the raising of your children is also financially important since raising productive, independent and resourceful children engenders greater financial success for them and less of a drain of wasted resources for the … Continue reading

Number One Element for Keeping Wealth

Marriage is probably the number one element for making and keeping wealth or financial stability. A spouse can contribute to greater wealth.  A spouse can help with business, give/offer ideas and counsel, entertain your clients, shop wisely for home needs … Continue reading

Challenge for Charities: Less than 1% of Boomers have a Charitable Giving Plan

If it isn’t tough enough to raise money for charities, the largest cohort of individuals set to inherit tens of billions of dollars in the coming decades does not have a plan for their charitable giving – can you say … Continue reading