About FUNDING matters Inc.

FUNDING matters Inc. is a premier philanthropic advisory comprised of a dedicated, knowledgeable team of professionals with the passion and experience to develop exceptional capital, endowment and major gift campaigns for institutions, organizations and communities. From small organizations looking to build sustainable funding models to mega projects which require skill and knowledge in public funding models and transformative, private philanthropic support, we are proud to offer opportunities that address organizational current and long term planning.

FUNDING matters Inc. is a leading North American consultancy and technology company, advising not for profit institutions and organizations, financial service, wealth management firms and governments in building sustainable funding models through FUNDING matters Consultancy and Giftabulator technologies. We also participate in select, strategic funding opportunities, including feasibility/planning studies, strategic communications and organizational financing.

FUNDING matters' Power Donor System

FUNDING matters develops customized major gift capital campaigns, planned giving programs which engage donors, and well-thought through philanthropic plans.

The FUNDING matters POWER DONOR ® Solution provides non-profit organizations and institutions with the exact combination of expertise and flexibility to discuss Major Gifts and Planned Giving donations. Our goal is to help you maximize your donor opportunities and strengthen your donor stewardship abilities. We pass on to you our wealth of knowledge about cultivating and sustaining donor relationships, calculating giving scenarios, and inspiring meaningful and clear dialogue between you and your donors. With our breadth of expertise and depth of experience, FUNDING matters ® will be a valuable partner in addressing your fundraising development needs.

Brainstorming & Strategy

Major and planned gifts are the result of a comprehensive strategic plan and the long-term cultivation of donors.

Prospect Research & Identification

Your ability to connect your charity’s mission, vision and goals with a prospect’s values, interests and priorities depends on effective research and preparation.


Your charity’s connectors build bridges to your prospects. Connectors have, in some way, an association or relationship with your charity and prospects and may even be able to influence them.


Effective prospect cultivation and solicitation requires excellent communication. Well-prepared communication materials build your prospects’ interest and enthusiasm and have them consider making a major or planned gift.


Leverage engages prospects to understand the impact of major or planned gifts. Estate, financial and taxation planning should always be discussed in cultivation meetings with your prospects.


An alliance is the relationship between your charity and your prospect. Major and planned gifts from total strangers are wonderful but exceedingly rare. Developing deeper relationships with your prospects and donors through genuine engagement should be your charity’s top priority.


A great deal of preparation and thought undertaken by your charity and your connectors is required to present the best case and ideal donation opportunity to your prospect when asking for a gift.

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